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Event Painting


Live Event Painting is a unique entertaining service where an artist creates a painting from start to finish as the event unfolds. Popular events include weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, ect…

It is mesmerizing to watch, and the work of art produced will be cherished for a lifetime.


Duenne paints with a relatively realistic impressionistic style. Very similar to Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, or Mary Cassatt. The figures in her paintings are drawn with near perfect proportions, focusing on light and color. The brush stroke is loose and suggestive. When she studies the room, she notices all the details that you spent months obsessing over, and she makes sure to include each piece.

With this attention to detail, Duenne captures the feel and excitement of the day. She takes into consideration any special requests when creating the overall composition.

Duenne's extroverted personality makes her approachable and entertaining. She enjoys dancing along with the music, and truly adding more energy to the party. She welcomes all questions, comments and compliments with a smile and candid reply.

You may even see her pass the brush to one of the kids who are bound to be captivated by her performance. 


Every event or wedding is a unique adventure, designed around the couples' aesthetic and personal taste. Duenne's wedding paintings are unique works of art that are tailored to fit your vision, emphasize your design elements, and fit beautifully in your home.

These are, in fact, everlasting works of art.

Live event paintings vary based on canvas size, the time frame of the event, and special requests. Prices start at $1,000. A down payment of 20% is needed to hold the date.


Duenne works independently, and does not have back-ups or other artists to provide when she is booked for a certain date. Your first move should be to confirm availability on your date as soon as possible. If she is unavailable the day of due to illness, she can create a painting of your event using your professional photographs as references or issue a refund.

If you have read the information above and are excited to work together, contact Duenne to confirm and secure your date.

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